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Må æ anbefale http://www.fishmadman.com/rifling_hitch/

Om du ønsker at binde dine egne hitch fluer http://www.fishmadman.com/rifling_hitch/fly-tying/

Generelt knowhow om riffling hitch http://www.fishmadman.com/rifling_hitch/riffling-hitch-know-how/

Een speciell siden om aquadynamikken bagom riffling hitch tuben http://www.fishmadman.com/rifling_hitch/a-riffling-hitch-fly-is-a-miniature-model-2/


Venligst Jesper Fohrmann



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Lenke til innlegg
Del på sosiale medier/andre steder

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