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FLUEFISKE Market Information


Hi everyone,

Sorry I don't speak Norwegian. I'm Matt, I'm French and I'm passionate about fishing and fly fishing and of course I love Norway.

For my studies, I'm currently leading a school project to assess the size of the Norwegian Fly Fishing market.

Could you help me to gather some information about it? This is what I would love to know.

1) How many fly fishers there are in Norway?

2) On average, how much does a fly fisherman spend per year on equipment and gears? (waders, vests, bags etc...)

3) What are the most important online shops in Norway?

4) What are your favourite fly fishing equipment brands?

This would help me a lot to get my sport management master degree! 

Thanks a lot Norwegian people!

Have a great day everyone!


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You probably need to narrow down your survey. Quest 1 is impossible to answer. How many members in this forum, how many in other forums, and how many are members in several forums, and how many are not members in any forums???

Quest 2: one man could spend 400 in leaders one year and 50.000 in rods, reels and lines another year. No exact answer here. 

Quest 3: I buy mostly in local shop, and little online, so I dont know. 

Quest 4: Brands for rods, reels, lines, clothing, waders, bags or what? Probably will personal opinions about brands match the number of answers.

I would be easier to answer if you asked more presisly quests.

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