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Alexander Grant Memorial Spey Casting Competition

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Written by Scott Mackenzie


This is just a heads up on a brand New casting competition I'm helping to run this September on the River Ness, this is a memorial casting competition in honour of Alexander Grant who set the first world record on the River Ness back in 1895, this event will take Place Close to where Grant did the famous 65 yards cast without shooying any line. There is £1000 first Place price and another prizes for the top 3 winners. The first Place winner will also win probably the most prestigious trophy ever made for this type of event. The Alexander Grant Memorial Trophy and it will hopefully be awarded to the winner by a member of the Alexander Grants Family. This competition is a small part of the much bigger Scotland Salmon Festival that is being staged in Inverness Scotland the Whole week. A proper website listing everything that is going to be launched NeXT week. There has never been anything like this before and probably never will again. The full rules of the competition will be posted shortly. So if Your into Spey casting and the history of Spey Casting you will not miss this event on the 4th and 5th September 2015.

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Guest Asbj.R.

65 yard = 59,436 meters luftkast uten å skyte. Imponerende. Ikke rart rekorden sto i 100 år.

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