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  1. Hi , I am a very intersed in tying Spey and DEE style salmon flies; and was wondering if you guys have or know of others who have a lot of feathers or Heron skins for sale.
  2. Hi Jallaman,if you could make two dvd copys I would be very,very grateful (I plan on giving one as a chirstmas gift) I would of course pay you and or cover any costs
  3. Hi svensvik, No not over the Counter,it is more a hope that some of the other members might be able to help me out or suggest a few tips. I am sure you hit the nail on the head, that it was a danish Production. thanks
  4. HI flyfishers, many years back when I first moved to NorWay,their aired a great Fishing documentry about Goran Anderson titteld "Trollmanen og Laksen". I had just discovered fly Fishing for salmon back then and had a VHS video copy that got damaged and lost (I am papa to three children) Is there anybody who has an idea where I can buy a DVD copy or two? It has sentimenatal value to me. Thight Lines Fionn
  5. I picked-up this rod yesterday and went training with it the same afternoon.It is amazing, I tryed it out with a sink1.2. shooting head 37 grams.Whit a good wind blowing,razer sharp loops.I am a fan of g loomis two-handed rods and am not disapointed with the new 13,6 stinger. Have to save up money and buy the 15,1 next. conor
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