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  1. And up one more time! I would be jumping at that opportunity if somebody asked me... Actually I mean that, if you're planning a fishing trip somewhere far - invite me! :-)
  2. Up another time. NZ will still be there next year! ;-)
  3. Sorry but I need to keep bringing this up since the time is so short. :-)
  4. Hi, I got an offer from a local, well-known guide to take me fishing first week of Feb in Rio Grande for sea trout. Price is less than half of what the wine&dine lodges are charging. On top of that I'm invited to join for some more local hotspots, including some Atlantic salmon fishing if interested. I have a lot more info which I can share via PM. My mates don't have time to join me this year which is why I'm looking for 2 other guys who would be interested. I'm happy if you spread the word since time is so short. I'm in Bergen.
  5. It really hasn't been good the last two years but it's still possible to find some. Send me a PM and I can tell you a spot or two.
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